Do you have aspirations of taking your HVAC business to seven figures in revenue or more?

Sure, you may be currently making a decent income, but are you feeling stuck or frustrated because of the lack of consistent growth? Are you missing out on what life has for you because you are always working? Would you like to enjoy the financial blessings of a successful growing business AND enjoy life as well? How does a vacation NOT worrying about your business sound? This IS possible! Let me share my story of how my business went from $500,000.00 in annual revenue to over $3,000,000.00 and allowed me to enjoy the lifestyle listed above.

My Dad stepped away from employment with a heating and air conditioning company to start his own business in 1976. He knew that focusing on his client’s best interest was the formula to build a successful business. This success brought many long days away from our family. Separation, along with the occasional financial strains that accompany a small business, led to a failed marriage. Holiday and summer breaks from school found my brothers and I handing tools to dad. The successes and failures of being a small business owner were very obvious to me, even at a young age. It consumed our lives.  


The business continued to grow at a slow but solid pace.

By the early 1990s, the company was secure and profitably supporting the lifestyles my father and older brother had intended. As I prepared to get married, it became obvious that changes would be required for the company to support an additional household. With both reservations and excitement, I accepted an offer for a service technician position with a large HVAC company. Building trust with upper management allowed me to be introduced to the intricate details of how to run a thirty million dollar HVAC business. The opportunity to return to the family business, armed with new experience, happened in the late 1990s.  

As my Father, older brother, and I worked toward setting higher goals and implementing some new processes for expansion, the business began to experience real growth.

Accompanying this growth was many early mornings, late nights, and busy weekends for all of us. This “success” found us all frustrated, confused as to our next step, second-guessing our choices, and overall exhausted. It was then that my Dad began having health issues. No one could determine the problem. After a few years of doctor visits, tests, medications, and much research, Dad was diagnosed with a rare brain disease. On April 14, 2012, my Dad lost his battle with this disease.  

All of the legal processes were completed to place my brother and I as owners of the business two years before his passing, but nothing prepared us for where we found ourselves in the days following his funeral. The “patriarch” was gone. Even though Dad had not worked in the business for some time, we found ourselves lost. 

My brother and I struggled over the next year. We could not find clarity for our future as a company, and unity in purpose. We both had seemingly different visions of what to do and how to do it. We felt lonely, dissatisfied, unfulfilled, and even angry. Tensions were often quite high. It was then that I engaged with a business coach. Almost immediately, he helped us find the clarity and unity that we so desperately needed. Our business began to grow at an explosive rate. This success did not bring long days away from our families, actually just the opposite. We found that we had more time and treasure than ever before. This success was noticed by our community. I was recognized as “2017 Outstanding Business Person of the Year” by our Chamber of Commerce, and “Business of Exemplary Integrity” by the BBB. Local business owners came to me regularly, asking how to deal with certain situations and wanting help to grow their businesses. I didn’t realize that I was coaching, but I knew that seeing others be successful, based upon advice or counsel that I had shared, was very fulfilling to me.  

This feeling of fulfillment pushed me to search for how I could help others find the level of success that I had found, or even more.

Gaining my Business Coaching Certification has provided the avenue to do just that. I am now consulting HVAC business owners all over the country. My own experiences, matched with substantial business coach training, are helping my clients through similar issues and providing the clarity, purpose, financial success, time to enjoy what they love, and fulfillment within their lives.  

The path from where you began to now may be different than mine, but there is no doubt in my mind that I can help you build the business that you dreamed about when you started this journey. 

All you need to do is schedule a complimentary thirty-minute appointment to discuss how working with a coach, that has lived the life you are experiencing, can take you to the life you want. I would love to have a conversation to discover what we can do together to find the fulfillment you are in search of.