You want your dealers to be successful… to develop into award winning representatives for your product, and have the ability to enjoy true fulfillment from their business.


How would ALL OF YOUR lives be different?

If they were proactive instead of reactive?  What if they operated like a business owner? What if they bought high-end, high-efficient equipment and more of it?

My name is Jod Woods.   I own a heating and air conditioning business that puts these into practice.  I am also a certified business coach. My team of experienced coaches and I have chosen to work primarily with HVAC business owners to help them create the level of success that they envisioned when they began this journey. All of the members of my coaching team have created this same successful business model and want to help others do the same.”

We work 1-2-1 with owners to guide them from mid six-figures in annual revenue to multiple seven figures and help them find real satisfaction in a well ran business in less time than they ever could on their own.  This is an individual approach, not a class room setting.   This allows for coaching specifically for the issues they are struggling to overcome.  


Training a group at once doesn’t work for several reasons, even IF you could get them in the room.


This “group approach” doesn’t help because the current situation in the businesses represented are not the same. 


You may have a “one or two man show” sitting next to a multi-million dollar owner or manager with 40 plus employees. The material presented must be a general approach that covers a broad range of issues. Nothing is given to specifically address that owner’s real need. The issue of competition in the room, often prevents the participants from sharing their struggles.

This is not a sales pitch to:

– Buy advertising
– Work with a financial advisor
– Learn the “in’s and out’s” of your financial statement.

These items are not bad (actually, they are great!! ), but are not the main tools needed to reach the level of satisfaction your dealers are searching for.

How our team will provide REAL RESULTS….. IF the dealer is intentional about the process:

1. Gain an awareness of where they really are… true strengths and weaknesses
2. Create a clear vision of what they want to accomplish and where they want to be… a destination
3. Build a map to get them to their destination… a plan
4. Provide accountability to keep them focused on the future and prepared for the obstacles during the journey… an unbiased partner to help uncover blind spots

Change is possible within their organization, and when this improves for them, it means a better quality of life for you!

We do not want to work with every HVAC business owner.  We also don’t work with two businesses competing in the same market.   


We are looking for your dealers that you know have the true desire and ability to be more.  You know who they are.  You are probably seeing their faces in your mind, right now.  May I meet them?  Will you introduce my team to them?