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Equip your team to operate at their highest potential


Create growth opportunities for emerging leaders


Build a culture where people want to be

  • Gain greater self-awareness as a leader
  • Develop a more intimate understanding of your people
  • Make better business decisions
  • Ascertain which skills to develop for specific roles
  • Develop people with career planning and succession planning in mind
  • Feel more in touch with your staff’s needs and motivational profiles
  • Polish management and leadership skills
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Better mobilize people
  • Build effective teams

Finding the right employees but not retaining them is costing your company thousands of dollars.

We focus on igniting passion in three areas where the human dynamic intersects with organizational goals.  


Get people into a Role they can be passionate about fulfilling.


Create a Culture people can be passionate about being vested in.

Be the Leader people can be passionate about following.

No matter what industry you represent, if it involves people, we can help!

All Your Talent Management Needs on a Single Platform

With our 3rd generation MPO platform, you’re covered for all your key people management operations. You can view results and conduct numerous analyses on both individuals and teams. With more efficient talent management and decision-making capabilities, you can focus on reaching your organizational performance goals.

Building Leaders
Impacting Communities
Investing In The Next Generation
Strengthening Small Businesses
What People Say About Us
Daphne LarsonDaphne Larson
17:26 18 Aug 22
The coaches at Legacy Business Consultants take your business beyond where you dreamt it could be AND makes it easier for you than you thought it could be…now WE run our business…it doesn’t run us!
Caleb GluffCaleb Gluff
18:17 24 May 21
Legacy Business Consultants has played a crucial roll in the evolution of Gluff Plumbing. It has helped in ways that a Google review cannot even begin to explain. Meeting with Mr. Woods has helped develop systems and processes that have skyrocketed company performance, morale, and profitability. If you are looking for a business “GAME CHANGER” look no farther than Legacy Business Consultants.
steve mellingsteve melling
21:57 08 Jan 21
Definitely try Legacy Business Consultants! I cannot say enough good things about them. There are three types of people in business. Ones who deliberately take advantage of people, ones with good intentions but can’t get the job done and ones that have good intentions and get results. Jod & Jim are the last type of people in this example…true professionals.
Cody AliffCody Aliff
11:51 28 Oct 19
I’ve had the opportunity to work with Legacy for the past 5 months on a 1 to 1 basis and also with the entirety of our staff. I am very impressed with the energy and devotion that Legacy puts into their clients. We’ve seen tremendous growth and organization sense teaming with them. If your in the ropes about hiring a business consultant/ coach these are the guys to talk to!

Improve Your Culture and Employee Retention

Step 1

Where You Are

Schedule an appointment with us to discuss what areas you are looking to improve.

Step 2

Where You Want To Go

We will create an action plan based on your specific needs that includes a clear path for moving forward.

Step 3

The Journey

We will create an action plan based on your specific needs that includes a clear path for moving forward.

At Legacy Business Consultants we know you want the right people in a role they can be passionate about fulfilling, a culture people can be passionate about being vested in, and leaders people can be passionate about following. In order to do that, you need to attract the right people. And to keep those talented employees, you need to lead them and develop them properly so that they are passionate and fulfilled every day. The problem is, the wrong factors are driving your business strategy. We believe Leadership, Culture, and Environment are the most important factors in driving any Business Strategy. We understand that it’s overwhelming and you often find yourself working IN your business instead of ON your business which is why businesses, schools, and municipalities rely on us to keep them focused and moving in the right direction.

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