If you are not successfully running your business or organization – but rather being run “BY” it, we need to have a conversation.

This Is How We Help Our Clients

Substantially Increase Your Profits

Higher sales doesn’t automatically translate to higher profits. Legacy Business Consultants can help you achieve higher profits for your growing business.

Reduce Working Hours And Stress

A successful business is more effective with a happy team. Team members must feel rewarded, fulfilled, and accomplished to properly serve your clients and customers.

Build A Better, Efficient Team

Efficiency and effectiveness translates into major business success. Legacy Business Consultants will guide you in organizing the ideal team for your business.

Capitalize On Your Growing Market

Your market is where your profits are found. Have you properly identified your niche or target market? Is your market too big? Are your products and services not specific enough?

Free Coaching Session Offer

We are offering a free 45 minute coaching session to discuss your particular situation and begin to develop a plan to get you to the light at the end of your tunnel.

  • You want to accomplish or influence more than you are currently achieving?
  • Your business is not providing the income, personal growth and balance that you had hoped?
  • You don’t have a solid plan to accomplish your goals?
  • You spend too much time extinguishing the latest outbreak?
  • Are you looking for an accountability partner or mentor?
  • Is your management team in need of training for leadership or growth?
  • Do you need a keynote speaker to encourage leadership and personal growth?

“Our business had completely consumed us. We were so overwhelmed that we could not even take a day off. As a result of working with Legacy coaches, we have a real plan for the future. The accountability that comes from having created a map to fulfill our vision and having a coach to walk with us is invaluable. We just returned form a two week vacation!!! Who would have thought this was even possible. Thank you Legacy Business Consultants!”

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Online Courses

“The coaching, constructive criticism and goal setting management I have received from Legacy Business Consultants and especially my individual training with Jod Woods has been instrumental in my growth as a leader for my employees. Looking back to before I started this process I was truly lost as to how to repair some errors I had made over the years with some of my staff and really lacked clear vision on what to do moving forward to grow leaders within my team and create a vision for the future of our business. Thanks Jim and Jod, job well done.”


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