Is your HVAC business struggling to reach your revenue goals? Are you sacrificing your quality of life by working countless hours? This 2-minute video may provide the answers you are looking for.

HVAC Business Coaching

As your business has grown, it has slowly but surely required more and more from you…. MORE money, MORE focus, MORE of your precious time. The list seems endless!

Wouldn’t you love to have a HVAC business that provides the level of success you had envisioned without consuming you and your life? You want to provide a secure financial foundation for your family and enjoy time with them without “fighting fires”, dealing with employee or customer problems, and constantly being distracted by the pressures that come from leading your organization.

What We Don’t Do!

– Sell advertising
– Create Lead Funnels
– Teach the “in’s and out’s” of your financial statement.

These items are not bad (actually, they can be great!! ), but are not the main tools needed to reach the level of satisfaction you are searching for.

Our team will provide REAL RESULTS by working with you 1-2-1 to:


1. Gain an awareness of where you really are… true strengths and weaknesses
2. Create a clear vision of what you want to accomplish and where you want to be… a destination
3. Build a map to get you to your destination… a plan
4. Provide accountability to keep you focused on the future and prepared for the obstacles during the journey… an unbiased partner to help uncover blind spots

How Can A Business Coach Help My HVAC Business?

Every HVAC business, regardless of size, CAN benefit from working with a business coach. Your business does not need to be “broken” to need a coach. Just the opposite is true. The top performers, in any industry, have a coach to continue to help them improve or provide accountability in their journey.

We’ll keep you on target and hold you accountable.

A Legacy Business Consultants coach will partner with you to create the business you desire by doing these four fundamental steps: 1. Gain a true awareness of where you are (strengths, weaknesses, and current situation) 2. Establish a CLEAR vision of where you want to be. 3. Create a plan or map to get you there. 4. Join you on the journey to provide the accountability needed to make your dream a reality. We will be there to help you face challenges and provide you with guidance and techniques to handle virtually any situation.

We help you figure out your unique challenges and implement permanent solutions

Our HVAC business coaching platform will show you how to grow your business, increase revenue and profit, while allowing you more time to enjoy life.

Our Value Promise

Partner with a Legacy Business Consultants certified HVAC coach for six months and watch your business be transformed. If you are unsatisfied with the results, for any reason, tell us what you think our service is worth. We will reimburse you the difference. You have NOTHING to loose!!!


Common Frequently Asked Questions

What Does a Business/Executive Coach Do?

A business / executive coach will work with a client to help them fulfill their vision for their organization, and “arrive at their desired destination”. In the book titled Aspire, Kevin Hall discusses that, The word “Coach” derives from the horse-drawn coaches developed in the fifteenth century. They were originally used to transport royalty, but in time they also carried valuables, mail, and common passengers. A COACH remains something or someone who carries a valued person from where they are to where they want to be. If you were traveling with a coach, you knew you would end up at your desired destination.

How does this work?

First, as with any journey, we must start with a realistic understanding of our current location: the “You Are Here” on our map. A coach will discuss your current environment to assist you in establishing this base. Second, what good is a journey without a clear vision of where we want to go? A coach will aid in uncovering your vision and WHY you want to go there. The WHY is incredibly important. Truly understanding your purpose will motivate you in a greater way when the road gets rough and provide fulfillment in your life. Third, once we know where we are, where we are going, and why we want to go there, a coach will help create a map with “turn-by-turn” directions to get to the desired destination. This map should include landmarks to measure and celebrate the success. After all, we should be enjoying this journey. Enjoying the journey means more than just setting and meeting goals. Truly enjoying the journey means that you find balance between life and work. You should have the capacity to invest into the people and activities that bring you joy. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, a coach will walk this path with you to assist in removing road blocks, opening your eyes to blind spots, discussing issues as they arise, celebrating the successes or learning from the losses along the way, and reminding you of the destination. This is done with open conversation, tools to help overcome obstacles, and accountability.

Business Coaching Can Be the Extra Push Your Company Needs

The skills you need to be effective out in the field are oftentimes separate from what it takes to run a successful business. That’s where a little outside coaching can help.


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