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Passion is one of the few emotions actually meant to be acted upon, because without action, passion yields no worthwhile results. We all know how easy it is to act upon our passions when it comes to our hobbies, our families, our personal lives. So why is it then that acting upon our passions in the workplace feels unachievable to most?


In 2008, the behavioral scientists & PhD Mathematicians at NGenio set out to solve the passion problem in the workplace. Meet MPO – The visionary tool that gives leaders a superior level of consciousness and awareness that helps to intentionally align employees’ passions and talents with their company’s defined culture and purpose. Short for Managing Performance in Organizations, MPO empowers leaders and managers with accurate data to help them build authentic relationships internally and externally through a foundation of empathy, common language and better communication. With the power of science propelling them, all individuals in MPO organizations can leverage the right data to turn conflict into opportunity, remove frustration and chaos that typically is a result of miscommunication, and can more easily navigate a clearer path to success on both an individual and team level.

We believe that passion and workplace are not mutually exclusive. With MPO, we know that leaders are armed with the confidence they need to finally find the joy we all deserve at work.

Because paychecks do not buy engagement!
Leaders are utilizing analytics to successfully manage almost every aspect of their business, with one common exception – the most complex aspect, their people.

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