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What Separates The Successful From The Marginal?

Through our own decisions, rather than our conditions, if we carefully learn to do the right things, we can accomplish our goals.” — Stephen Covey

Look around at businesspeople. What do you see? What is a common thread that explains why people are successful and achieve the goals they set?
Listen and you will discover that decision making plays a significant role. Sometimes decisions are based on what seems the best alternative at the time, given the circumstances. Sometimes it is what feels right or what is viewed as the right thing to do. Other times, decisions are made based on research, advice from others, or facts and figures.

Seldom do any of us ever feel that the time is just right, or the situation is perfect, but we make the best decision for us at the time. Later when we look back, we can see that the time or situation does not really matter but the decisions we made do. You may be asking yourself this question,“What is the right decision and/or when will I know if the time is right to make it?”.

These times in life are much more clear when we have a mentor, or coach. A coach understands all the details of the current situation because they have been walking this path of success with us. They have the permission to ask the difficult questions to draw the best from within us. When you have openly discussed, evaluated, and viewed the opportunity through the filter of your values; making wise decisions becomes quite easy.

There are different industries, different genders, different ages, and different choices; but wise decisions will make all the difference in the world.

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