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Decisions, Decisions…

One of the joys and challenges of being a small business owner is that we can make our own decisions.  Truth be told, people make decisions all the time. It seems like every minute of the day we are tasked to weigh the pros and cons, search our hearts, and then make the call or not make the call.  Remember, not making a decision is, in fact, making a decision.  Not every decision will be the best choice, but as an entrepreneur, you should be nimble and flexible.

Sometimes decisions are based on data and facts or a sudden realization that something big is happening that will impact your business, whether good or bad.  Every business owner has to stay alert and observant to watch for the signs and signals of coming change and opportunity. Those are the two things that most often prompt the need to make a decision. 

At times, decisions for our direction come from the heart. An experience of the heart can change how to approach and operate our business.

The wonderful thing is that we have the opportunity at any point, to make the decision to make changes. Big decisions, small decisions – just about all of them result in some sort of change. Change signals a new start. Just like the new buds on the trees signal the coming of spring and prepare us for warmer weather, longer days, and outdoor activities, it is the beginning of a new season – a new start.  We all face some form of change on a daily basis.  Some of this change is monumental, while others are so small that they are not recognized. 

We also all have blind spots that prevent us from seeing the pitfalls or full potential of change.  Working with an executive coach will allow you to have an outside perspective from someone that is as passionate about your success as you are.  A coach walks this path with you to offer support, perspective, and accountability. 

Take time in this new season to appreciate change. Make that intentional decision to take time to reach out and make a new connection, offer a hand, or collaborate on something new and wonderful. Take time to reflect, listen, choose, and move forward.   We are happy to offer a complimentary coaching session to learn about your vision and discuss if executive coaching is a good fit for you and your business.  Schedule an appointment at LegacyBusinessConsultants.net