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John Wooden said this: “There is a choice you have to make in everything you do.  So, keep in mind, that in the end, the choice you make, makes you!”

Most often, the choice to be a business owner is made to create a life that can not be made by working for someone else.  The life that you envisioned was probably one of substantial positive impact on those you love and your community.  I truly hope that these are the results you are seeing.  If you are not finding the fulfillment in your process, or not creating the impact that you had planned, you are not alone.  Many business owners find themselves to be victims of their own success.  Business is great!  People love what you do and your phone is ringing off the hook.  This is exactly what you wanted when you began the journey.  What you may not have wanted is the long hours, missed time with those you love, and the inability to enjoy the “fruits of your labor”.  Trust me, I know exactly what you are enduring.  I no longer live in an environment of un-fulfillment and you don’t have to either.  Imagine having the ability to enjoy the success of your business without having the continuous burden and distraction that you currently carry.  You can begin the journey to accomplish this by simply having a complimentary conversation to discuss your business. 

Will you choose to remain where you are, doing what you have always done, hoping for things to change?  Or, will you choose to change direction and move toward a fulfilled life?

Do you need assistance determining your path?  Start a conversation about the benefits of working with a business/executive coach at LegacyBusinessConsultants.net.