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Achieving SUPER HERO Status…..

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy!”  “Local business owners are the pillars of our community!”  “Running a business requires superhero-like tenacity!”

These are things that we hear all the time.  They are ABSOLUTELY true!  Business owners are superheroes that must wear their “game face” at all times to instill confidence in their clients and team.  What happens when we are alone can be a completely different story.  

The conversations that we often have with ourselves aren’t always so confident.  

Do these internal conversations sound familiar?  

“I am struggling to keep up!”

“I wish there was an easier way to gain new clients.  What I am currently doing is exhausting!”

“I know I shouldn’t complain because business is REALLY good, but…..”

“I don’t have major issues in my business, but small things that I can’t talk to others about.”

“I could probably get more accomplished if I could stay focused.”

Or, How about these……?

“How did I get here? I don’t have clarity to know what to do next!”

“I’m isolated!  I just wish I could talk to someone that understands what burdens I’m carrying without judging me!”

“I have lost the joy and fulfillment I used to get from my business.”

You are not alone!   These are the situations that we help business owners with everyday.  

Do not allow these internal conversations rob you of the rewards of being a business owner!  Join one of us for a conversation to allow us to learn more about your business, your frustrations, and your aspirations.  Move forward with intention and renewed focus.  You CAN have the confidence of a super hero, without the negative thoughts and loneliness.  Reach out to schedule a conversation at jimhess@legacybc.net or jodwoods@legacybc.net .