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Be The Hero

To say that we live in a time of extreme unrest does not come as a surprise to anyone.   We feel the percussion of explosive activity all around us.

Are you being blown about by the shockwaves?  Do you wonder what to do or how to react? Are you uncertain about the future and perhaps finding yourself paralyzed to move forward with intention?  The alternative to this is not burying your head in the sand and pretending that everything is fine.  You can be the hero of your action film, calmly walking toward the camera with your head held high, shoulders firmly planted, mission completed as the explosions are going off all around you.  How do you achieve this type of confidence and peace in the middle of a violent environment? 

Peace in the midst of the storm is a result of two simple things…Focus and Council.

The hero has trained for the mission. He is prepared for the obstacles the villain will send his way.  Does this mean that he can never face something unexpected? NO WAY!  If anything is consistent in life, its inconsistency.  The ability to see and adapt before the obstacle consumes him, is what keeps him alive and moving forward.  This kind of focus comes from knowing who and where you are in life as well as a firm image of your mission (where you are going).  This hero does not allow the deep chasm, flaming river, nor the occasional setback to distract him for any real length of time.  Sure, he may occasionally feel weak, and perhaps question the importance of the mission.  This is only allowed to briefly pass through his mind before jumping up and facing the villain with renewed vigor.  This ability to refocus is difficult to achieve on his own.  This brings us to the second necessity for peace.  This is Council.

The hero may have began his journey as a result of internal calling and desire to rid the world of evil.

He may have many God-given abilities that make him suitable for the mission.  Like many who have tried and failed, at some point, the villain knocks him down and leaves him injured and defeated.  Entering the scene, at just the right moment, is the mentor.  This person has the experience needed to lead the hero through the lessons, training, and advice necessary to make him stronger, more capable, and more focused than ever.  He even helps the hero to avoid the distractions all around him.  This person of council does not defeat the villain for the hero, but walks along in the journey with additional guidance, accountability, and encouragement to see the hero through a successful completion of the mission.

What is your mission in life?

Is your mission worthy of the focus needed from you to see it completed successfully?  Do you have the needed council in your life to keep you from distraction, defeat, and keep you moving forward with intentionality?

If you can not answer YES to both of these questions, chances are, you will not be the one walking away from the explosions with the look of confidence and satisfaction on your face.

Please, reach out to me if I may be of any assistance in helping you defeat your villain and complete your mission.